Nature Works presents its collaboration with Swim & Fun

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Nature Works presents its collaboration with Swim & Fun

Nature Works is delighted to welcome Swim & Fun to our international distribution network, who will represent our advanced swimming pool filter glass in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Swim & Fun is one of the leading distributors in the Nordic market, with branches located all over Scandinavia. Founded in 2006, the company always considers the customer as its top priority and is a strong advocate of accessibility, tailoring its solutions to the customer’s budget. With Swim & Fun we share, in addition to respect for the customer, its business philosophy founded on a solid financial base and focused on professional knowledge and innovation, which favours intelligent and constant growth. This harmony makes Swim & Fun an unbeatable partner and brand ambassador for Nature Works, a commercial relationship that will be nourished by the experience and technical knowledge of the sector for the benefit of both parties.

In 2019, Swim & Fun was also awarded the ‘Success Company’ business award by Spar Nord and BDO. According to the founders, the award is visible proof that Swim & Fun has the DNA to make a special contribution to growth, prosperity and thus success in the Danish business community.

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