Only Glass Filter Media in the world officially certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61

The higher the water cubicle to be filtered, the more profitable the plant is using Nature Works Hi-Tech Glass Filter Media

Nature Works is the latest generation filter media based on plate recycled glass, designed exclusively for water filtration. Just by changing your current filter media for Nature Works you will maximize every standard filter´s performance.

Thanks to the durability of the load and the saving of chemicals, energy and water; the efficiency and hydraulic optimization improve exponentially allowing to save costs and increase the healthiness, safety and quality of the water, attributes certified by NSF/ANSI 61 standard.

To easily manage an installation, getting the most out of the resources used, it is important to have the best partner in the water filtration process: Nature Works High Tech Glass Filter Media. Read all the technical documentation, studies and certifications in our Download Area, and the all the information regarding Water Treatment in our Industrial Presentation.

A unique filter media

Currently, the only glass filter media that passes NSF testing to Standard NSF/ANSI 61.

The recognized certifier NSF – National Safety Foundation for the Promotion of Public Health and Safety Standards- has qualified Nature Works as the only filter glass eligible for NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification in drinking water treatment for human use. In other words, no other filter glass on the global market meets the safety test standard required by the NSF.

To achieve NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification, a battery of 105 micro-safety tests were successfully passed. Also, a traceability system capable of monitoring the entire production process must be integrated. Nature Works, by its very essence, is guaranteed microbial-safety, thanks to its origin as a pure virgin plate glass. Currently, Nature Works is the only recycled filtration glass capable of passing the official NSF certification conditions for the NSF/ANSI 61 standard.

Nature Works® provides fundamental advantages in the characteristic fields of a filter media:

Maximum Filtration Performance

The efficiency of Nature Works® is based on the elimination of the most common particulate matter found in the water. This simultaneously maximizes savings and efficiency. We achieve this thanks to a highly selected grain curve and to a surface treatment technology of the grains, which allows us to avoid Biofilm, keep the microchannels open and make the media particles totally safe to handle.

The utility of a filter media is determined by a compromise between micron rate and clogging capacity

Energy Saving

The Anti-Compaction Technology® has been designed to keep the micro channels that form in the filtering mass open, so pressure loss is negligible. Thanks to this, the pump works more smoothly and therefore reduces its energy consumption saving operational costs:

Water saving

At the same time as we save energy, due to keeping the micro channels open, we also manage to save water as we reduce backwashing needs:

The only recyled filter glass that passes NSF tests for Standard 61

Currently, Nature Works is the only recycled filtration glass capable of passing the 105 safety tests required to achieve the official NSF certification to NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects standard. This is due to its unique virgin flat glass origin, which has never been used before and is therefore free of contaminants that can migrate into the filtered water.

NSF warns against the use of filter glass from post-con-sumer recycling due to the expected presence of conta-minants.

Accredited Absence of Biofilm

The aseptic properties and the Anti-Compaction Technology of Nature Works’ avoid the formation of biofilm. This important characteristic is accredited through testing by official laboratories.
Biofilm is responsable for chloramines, clogging and channeling in the filter mass. With the use of Nature Works* you will notice a difference straight away.

Anti-Compaction Technology

Most of the filter medias available on the market come to the end of their useful life prematurely due to the effect of compaction (caking), a process where the segregation of fine and thick grains block the microchannels of the filtering mass In order to avoid this result, Nature Works® has developed the Anti-Compaction Technology®, a precise selection of the calibre of the grain, designed to extend the useful life of the media indefinitely.

A single layer to achieve maximum durability

Nature Works® only needs a single layer, with only one grain size, to offer a maximum performance, unlike other filter media that require multiple layers of different grains to be effective. This means Nature WorksÆ can be used time and time again. In the case of having to be taken out for any reason, such as damage to the filter, you just take it out and reuse it in a safe and easy way.

Safety, a basic quality

Safety is a basic quality when it comes to products used for water treatment for human use. For this reason at Nature Works® we subject our glass to an advanced micro grinding to eliminate sharp and cutting edges. With this process we obtain a glass that is harmless and completely safe to handle.

Certified Absence of Free Silica

The crystal silica is a compound mineral that can be found in rocks and sand and may be found in filtration sand. A long term exposure to this compound could lead to various lung problems. Nature Works® avoids this hazard as it has no Free Silica in its composition. Certified by Bureau Veritas Certification number BV ES026775-A-CPI.

We help you solve some of the most common questions.

Nature Works filter media requires 20% less weight than silica sand to achieve the same filter bed height. This is due to the difference in bulk density between silica and glass, and its high precision granulometric curve. In industrial filters the difference becomes 25%.

This volume difference has a significant impact on the cost estimate for a project when comparing Nature Works with silica sand. To this should be added the direct savings in water, energy, chemicals and labor.

Yes, Nature Works is compatible with any silica sand filter without the need to make any modifications to the installation.

Currently, Nature Works is the only recycled filtration glass capable of passing the 105 safety tests required to achieve the official NSF certification to NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects standard. This is due to its unique virgin flat glass origin, which has never been used before and is therefore free of contaminants that can migrate into the filtered water.

It is also certified by Bureau Veritas for the treatment of drinking water in compliance with the international standard UNE 12904:2006.

Thanks to the precisely designed granulometric curve, Nature Works achieves a filtration power of 99.64% according to IFTS specialized laboratories, the highest of all filter media tested and corresponding to our Stage 1 (0.6 mm – 1.2 mm). This outstanding performance is obtained without sacrificing high efficiency, which provides direct savings in water and energy consumption.

The combination of layers with different sized grains inside the filter is needed when the filter media has not Anti-Compaction Technology, in order to delay clogging and be able to do a correct backwashing. Thanks to its High-Calibrated filter media grain curve, Nature Works does not need different layers in any kind of filter. This also ensures an indefinite shelf life.

Although the filter media is designed to operate in a single layer, a thicker layer (1.5 mm – 2.5 mm) is also available if a project requires them.

Nature Works has been designed and produced specifically for use in water filters. To ensure maximum purity only virgin glass is used, it’s the only glass with controlled origin and guaranteed not to have been in touch with bacteria or any other contaminating materials. Unlike other glass filter media, it does not come from the post-consumer recycling supply stream and therefore is the only one suitable for water filtration for human consumption.

Yes, Nature Works focuses on retaining the particles that condition the transparency of the water, in ranges from 5 microns, but it also achieves retention values of 1 micron.

Silica sand loses its filtration capacity in a short period of time due to the growth of biofilm (bacterial colonies) between its grains, which creates preferential channels and clogging. The absence of biofilm plus Anti-Compaction Technology makes Nature Works the most efficient filter media on the market.

Glass obtains its color when its being manufactured due to different chemicals, metals and oxides being added to achieve each color. As it is encapsulated at a molecular level, this does not change any of the glass properties, nor does it affect the filtering process. However, as the glass used for the colored filter media comes from glass banks, not directly from the manufacturer, it may have all sorts of bacteria and contaminants that can end up in the water, which makes it risky to use in water filters for human consumption.

Key Applications

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